Request for Press Release: “Free videoconferencing site adding bandwidth to assist with social isolation”

Hi! I’ve only recently started using Jitsi, but in the last week I have had at least six different friends ask me about conferencing using Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. I try to steer people to Free Software / Open Source whenever possible, so I was excited to find out about This looks to be a the perfect solution for this situation: it lets people be social while also safely “socially isolating”.

I’m already impressed with how good is. A friend who was going to help me with a project today by coming over was able to stay at home thanks to Jitsi. Now, one of my friends is going to throw a social-isolation “games party” on Friday, and we’re planning to use!

I would like to see a press release announcing to the world that is available and ready to meet the demand of all the people who are currently hunkered down in their homes, feeling the lonely and depressed. I imagine it would be phrased something like this:


8x8, Inc, a leader in SaaS and telecommunications, announced today that they are quadrupling the bandwidth and CPU power of their free videoconferencing platform,, to make it easier to socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using only a web-browser, any group of up to 200 people can immediately start talking to each other ‘face-to-face’. No software to download, no account needed.

8x8 has long run as a free service for the good of the community and as a showcase of their Open Source Jitsi technology. Now, in this time of crisis where people are finding themselves shut-in to slow a pandemic, 8x8 is stepping up by increasing the capabilities of the free video conferencing server so everyone can continue to use it as demand increases. There are no limits on usage, so feel free to leave a window to open so your friends and family can stop by and say “Hi!”