Request for help with iPad


(I am not sure this is the right place but I am trying anyway) I am the maintainer of several GNU packages and I belong to an organization made of about a few thousands members in Canada. This organization is using Zoom for their online meetings but I recently suggested them that it would be a better idea to switch to Jitsi. Before we do anything, though, I would like to understand if we could receive some sort of (even paying) support from the developers and/or the community. I also would like to understand how this support could be implemented in practice. In particular, we have noticed that Jitsi has some difficulty with some Apple products (iPads mainly) and we would like to understand if this issue could be fixed somehow. Once again, we are willing to pay for this.



try using the jitsi meet app , some have luck just by using safari

its a hit & miss on all things from Apple for many :yum:


there was on recent releases huge improvement on safari support,
so you might want be sure ot have tested with latest release