Request for a newer version of Jibri in stable repo

jibri in stable repo dated 04-Nov-2020. There are 3 newer versions in the ustable repo. Is it possible to put the newest in stable repo or could you share the scheduled date?

If you are well versed in apt you could pin priorities and manage both repos to get only the specif package upgrade.

I’ll study that see if I can share something here.

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@Ark74 :sweat_smile:… trust me, @emrah is like the Queen of apt. I believe the ask here is that the unstable repos be promoted to stable.

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I don’t have the pleasure to meet him.

But yeah, I knew I’ve seen him around. I guess he doesn’t need any help then taking that path then.

Please ignore my previous message.

I need this to avoid to adding third party repo for Java 8. So it is not a good option for me to solve this issue by adding another repo :slight_smile: