Reports and statistics

does Jitsi videoconference only have participant talk-time statistics or is it possible to download a detailed report (csv, excel, txt…) including log-in time, log-out time, email, IP address, participation time and other participants details like in Zoom App?
Thank you, Giovanni.


Hi all,

I’m also interested in this.

Our needs are a bit more modest: We’re just looking for statistics that give us start and stop times for meetings, and the number of participants.

No needs for IP addresses, email addresses or other PII – at least, not that we can foresee. We’re mostly interested in when, why and how often our installation crashes.

(I suppose it might also be useful to know how many were audio only or what the video quality for each participant is, but we’ll start with more basic data.)

You can use and then take the results to prepare all kinds of graphs with Zabbix, Grafana, custom web scripts, etc.

Hello all, this is a helpful string. I am not a developer, or what you would call tech savvy. But i read this string and have a similar need. I recently used Jitsi as part of a virtual experience with a tour operator in Italy that I paid for via Trip Advisor. Long story short, when we logged into the virtual meeting, the host never showed up. So we requested a refund, and now the tour operator says he was online and WE never showed up. Probably some tech glitch, but anyway i was looking for a way, similar to the request above, to just get some basic access info for our specific meeting (I have the link) so that I can prove to Trip Advisor that we were logged in…

Does anyone know how that info might be accessed for our specific meeting?

Thanks all!