Replacing skype in education with Jitsi

I’m a system engineer in an education company and we plan to replace skype with opensource solution. What we need:

  • persistent rooms for different teachers
  • asymmetric rooms (teacher see all students, students see only teacher)
  • desktop sharing
  • (optionan) broadcast video files with good quality

Is it possible to create this config with Jitsi?


Yes it is possible but you will need changes across many components. Jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet, jicofo, jvb.

Changes for what? Persistent rooms? Asymmetric rooms? Desktop sharing?

As I understand it, I can create persistent rooms with XMPP Server (Openfire/Prosody). For desktop sharing I found Chrome extension jidesha.

So, the main question for me now is asymmetric rooms. Is it really impossible to configure jvb for this use-case without jvb patching?

There is no such thing of persistent rooms in jitsi-meet. You need to implement your own service or anything. The only close to it is a reservation system for jicofo:

For this you will need to modify jicofo and maybe lib-jitsi-meet and jitsi-meet.

This is already available.

This is already available using many jibri instances.