Replacing jitsi welcome page with my own login page with css

I don’t want to use jitsi welcome page and it’s css, also I don’t want to customize welcome page css using body.html and including css file for overriding it. I want to make a fresh login page with my own css. How can I achieve that and also what all changes I need to make in case of routing.

If you are ok working with react then the welcome page is rendered at react/features/welcome/components/WelcomePage.web.js. look inside render function. For css make a scss file inside css/ folder and make sure to import the scss file in css/main.scss

If you would rather work with HTML, CSS then after user gives the name of the room redirect the user to jitsi with room name. if the domain of your jitsi is then you’ll need to redirect to make sure to disable welcome page from config in this case.