Replacing camera stream with local video stream (mp4)


First post here and I would like to thank you for the incredible work you’ve done with Jitsi !

I would like to have a video played from 1 participant to be live streamed to other. But I need something cross-platform. So no virtual camera which are platform dependant etc…

I think it’s possible to achieve this by replacing the input stream of the WebRTC (client side) by a video stream.

I found this API which can get the video stream just like a camera stream. But I don’t know where I can modify the code to replace the camera stream with the captured one.

The sound needs to be captured too. But I think it would be the same as the camera.

Any advices ?


So if you do a 3 way call the video stream from one participant will be live streamed to the other 2 participants. I think I’m missing your point :slight_smile: Can you give more details?

Yeah I forgot to mention that I would like to replace the “webcam stream” by a “local video stream” (mp4).
Basically, I want to play a mp4 on a <video>, get the stream and send it instead of the “webcam stream” with the sound.

I think I need to make changes when the video stream is bound to the WebRTC to swap the webcam stream with a my custom mp4 stream. And if I understood the jitsi architecture, it’s done in lib-jitsi-meet.

Am I right ?