Replace Jitsi Icon?


Are we allowed to replace the Jitsi icon in video conferences with an own custom icon. Example in the attachment.



as you are not tagging your post, I can’t say if you are using

  • → no, against the term of services
  • your own hosted instance → yes, no problem.
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We are using our own instance. But I couldn’t find the option under the available tags:


But I think one cannot change the Jitsi logo for right? How would that be possible? We use Jitsi in many schools in Germany and I wanted to know if we can replace the Jitsi Icon with something else.
Best and Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I’d say - I’m not a manager here :slight_smile:

meet → meet;
install & config → hosted

edit: it’s pointless discussing replacing icon for because it’s forbidden, if people come here it’s usuallty not to provide means to harm the business sustaining Jitsi-meet.

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@gpatel-fr we certainly don’t intend to harm the business. We are pleased and proud that Jitsi as a product exists. There were only some requirements from our clients, and they wanted to know if they are allowed to replace the icon with a warn icon “you are not allowed to record this conference”. That’s it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:,

The project that I am working in now wants to really find out, to what extent we can edit or replace the Jitsi Icon in video conferences. Are we allowed to that? I am only forwarding a project question. Is there a person in Jitsi with whom we can clear legal issues like this? A few hundred schools are using our Messenger solution that also include Jitsi integration.

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If you’re hosting your own server, you can change the logo, no problem.

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Thank you very much, but the project wants to have an official legal feedback to this issue. Is that possible to communicate with a person who is responsible for such issues? Thank you very much

@hesmaeili you can join the community call and ask that question, but you will get the same answer as the one Freddie gave you.
Do you see a problem doing the change according to the license: jitsi-meet/LICENSE at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
You can consult with your layers if you see a problem with the license.

You are not allowed to do so if you are using the public instance and this is stated in the terms of service. But if you are hosting everything on your own, have your own deployment, you are free to do anything with it.

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