Repeat account login(Docker)

I use the same account to login in different browsers
prosody loginfo:
User has too much hibernated sessions, removing oldest session (token: e5ca3a5e-1bc0-4403-8286-441f4a0c20d1)
But other people will see two identical users in this meeting,And can also receive messages from the old session.
How can I achieve the effect of kicking out the old session?

You are using smacks module and websocket instead of bosh right?
What is the value of smacks_max_hibernated_sessions setting in prosody config?
Should be smacks_max_hibernated_sessions = 1;

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Forgive me for not knowing how to modify the configuration
I tried the following:
Modified file:~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/prosody/config/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua ,add following properties
smacks_max_unacked_stanzas = 5;
smacks_hibernation_time = 60;
smacks_max_hibernated_sessions = 1;
smacks_max_old_sessions = 1;
But when I restarted the container, the configuration was changed back.
I also tried to modify prosody/rootfs/defaults/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua,the result is the same.
What should i do?

Modifications are automatically restored after restarting the container

I suspect that I modified the position incorrectly

This is how docker is, I don’t have much experience with it, but if you need to set something, you need to add new env params …

But that is already set in prosody config in docker, are you using the same?

Thanks,The initial configuration file contains this attribute.
So I gave up this plan and adopted jwt instead