Removing the iFrame's non-related stuff

Hi. I am trying to remove two things from my iFrame.
The first:

The little symbol at the top-mid part of the iFrame, that goes over the meeting’s name.

The second thing I am trying to remove is the iFrame after the meeting is over. It looks like that:

I would prefer using my own “the meeting has ended” screen instead of it, is that possible? And if it is, how do I remove it or change it?

I don’t see that. Might be an issue on your end rather than the IFrame API?

Do you see the same icon in this example here? JSFiddle

If you are using then I don’t think you can or should change that page. Removing or hiding that content would likely be against the Terms of Service.

You will be able to change the end-of-meeting page if you host your own instance of Jitsi. See Close Button - #2 by corby

Thanks for replying!

Just saw that you edited the reply and actually answered my next question, so thank you for that too.

I can still see that icon on JSFiddle, it’s probably an Opera feature. I think I’ll keep it anyways because it seems quite useful (it turns the iframe into a picture-in-picture)

Once again thanks for replying, will check the self-hosted option too.

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It might also we worth considering Jitsi as a Service which is run by the same awesome people behind It’s a paid service (with free dev account for trial/testing) where all the branding restrictions would be lifted.

Although I’m not sure if it is possible to set an alternative close page with JaaS.

Edit: I just tried a quick IFrame with JaaS, and it looks like you end up on a blank page on close. I presume you could then listen for readyToClose event and redirect accordingly. You shouldn’t do this with but should be ok with JaaS.