Removing the ability to set/enter a password for meetings

I currently have my Jitsi instance setup where only I can start meetings. Which means when someone tries to join one without me being there it puts them on a wait screen saying “Waiting for Host”. I’ve had clients confused about the typing password option on the Join meeting screen. I don’t see any practical use for this feature in my implementation. Is there a way to hide the enter password section before joining a class or disabling it all together?

I don’t think there is such a feature at the moment, sorry.

Gotcha. Thanks for your time!

You can likely hide it using CSS.

I was looking around the CSS and going to add it to font.html in a custom location loaded by nginx. Wasn’t able to find it yet, but I’m playing with things. If I come across what takes care of that I’ll post the solution here!

I’ll also try to take a stab at some point, but I have quite a few other priorities, so I may not get to this for a while. :innocent: