Remove Yahoo & GMail from invite options

Hi guys!
I struggle looking for a way to edit the list in the “Share meeting invitation” popup.
Also tried disableInviteFuntions:true , but it doesn’t do anything.
I can live with completely removing the “invite” buttons and functionality, but having Yahoo and Gmail means, I need a disclosure about external links. (legal purpose in Europe) and surely wanted to avoid that.
Jitsi I have is 2.0.4627-1 from the debian/ubuntu stable repository.
Host is ubuntu 20.04 and it is running as a vhost and not as a module.
services restarting, server reboots and cache clear, nothing did the job for disableInviteFuntions:true to take effect.
css is a bit custom, meaning I have a png as background. also did include an display:note to the .invite-more-container. (this got rid of the message, that I’m the only one in the room and should/could invite more)

Thank You all for any hints, where to look in advance and sorry if the topic was already discussed, but I haven’t found it!

Also, now I see, it would be great, to be able to remove “start live stream”, “start recording”, “share youtube video” and so on. Would be great, if someone has an idea, how to strip down to the bare minimum.

Thanks in advance!

remove “start live stream”, “start recording”, “share youtube video” and so on.

if you are hosting your own server:

Just remove the options you don’t want from the interface_config.js

If you are using the the API:

Follow the handbook::

const options = {
    configOverwrite: { startWithAudioMuted: true },
    interfaceConfigOverwrite: { filmStripOnly: true },
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Hope this helps!

I was thinking of creating a script to enable/disable items from the toolbar_buttons.

Thanks guys!
Baba Iliytsa had someone breathing up her neck and she took vim and with a bit of “maikata” edited the all.css (display:flex -> display:none) and got rid of the external links in the invite. (So so having a custom css to have the organisation color branding)
Then found out, in /etc/jitsi/meet/$FQDN-config.js there are settings for recording and stream. (Great!)
Only think remaining for today is to get rid of YouTube and everything should be according to EU laws :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick replies!

youtube goes away, when ‘sharedvideo’ is removed from TOOLBAR_BUTTONS in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface-config.js

thank You, @corby !