Remove welcome and login page


We’re using jitsi-meet strictly for mobile use. We’ve already turned off the welcome page, so the user gets redirected to the video session asking to login. Is it possible to give the user blank page when browsing from a browser, but make sure it still works in the app?


You mean when using the apps? Yeah, that should just work.

The Android and iOS app works great. However, we don’t want users to use Jitsi-Meet on the browser. If they happen to know the URL, and go to it they see the page below. Ideally we want it blank, or redirect to our main site.

We do hav this setting: but I don’t think it does exactly what you need. I’d suggest you setup your own “welcome” and use the iframe API for example.

Ah, that’s actually a good idea. Turn on welcomePage, and create our own. Thanks!