Remove <Style> tag from index

Hi, I was trying to customize the CSS and the frontend. My design are going off track because of a tag that is getting auto added while rendering the page. Any idea where that is coming from and how to remove them on index pages?

If you are self hosting (and not using the API), you can use your own CSS to override styles and some content.

It’s also possible to remove / update elements from the page using JavaScript.

See this post for more help: Change Text on Initial Page (Home)

Finally, you could also edit the all.css/index.html files under /usr/share/jitsi-meet/ but I do not recommend this because the next time you update it will be replaced.

I have done custom CSS and that works fine, the problem is it adds tag to index page that is not specified anywhere. I am thinking it is server side directive that is being used but couldn’t figure out from where.

What is “it”? Your custom CSS is adding an HTML tag somewhere? What is the tag being added?

There are several SSI / “server side includes” defined in the index.html file that can you can look at.