Remove password feature from Jitsi Meet

How do I remove “Add a password” feature from Jitsi Meet?

That is not possible for the moment.

New here, and have been using as my zoom replacement.

Here is the main issue: Password

For hang out rooms that get passed around on the net, a troll comes in, with no cam on, sets a password, and no one else can see what it is, then the troll kicks everyone else out, and the room is locked.

Fix: the password shows up visibly in on the screen as the person sets it, and the password/lock icon is clearly labeled that x user locked the room and the password is blah. Everyone in the room should be able to see that. Otherwise, it’s a bit like someone locked us in a room without our permission, and without us being able to invite who we want to said room.

There should be very little that people can do without having to ask the other users. Maybe same fix for recording the room. All users have to push a big OKAY that the room is about to be recorded or something.

Don’t give trolls more tools. Power to the people.