Remove Certain Languages


How can I remove some of the languages from the language list?

Like I see certain languages e.g. Estonian, If i don’t want that one to be displayed in the list, similarly many others.

How can I also add more languages, I have translated the main-enGB file to a local language as a separate file main-hn how do I get it to show in the list, also create languages-hn

@gpatel-fr @damencho could you suggest.

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards

Languages are taken from languages.json and is being embedded in app.bundle. So modify that json and rebuild the app.

Thank you @damencho for your kindly reply. Can i rebuild only the language files on an existing running jitsi server?

if possible can you share steps, New to jitsi.

Thank you again, appreciate your time and effort.

Warm Regards