Remove buttons

How do I remove certain buttons from Jitsi UI except for the moderator like - Live Streaming, Recording, Sharing Youtube video buttons?

By editing the interface config js file.

i want to disable it only for the users. not for moderator.

i think editing the config file, removes button for all including modrator

What deployment are you using? How it is configured?
Sharing youtube video is enabled for all participants by default without restriction, there is no config for that so you need to modify the jitsi-meet code for that. Same and for live streaming. Recording should be available only for moderator.

can you explain it more?


How did you install jitsi-meet? Have you enabled something custom? Is all moderators module enabled?

The code for the toolbar and buttons is here:
You can check how the recording button is doing that:

can you suggest how should i enable the live streaming, recording and sharing youtube video only for moderator?

also, can i end the conference for all once the moderator has ended it?

I already did that in the previous post.

There is no such feature and this better be implemented in prosody as a module.