remoteAudio duplication? Alternate audio tracks for p2p?

I have been noticing that the remoteAudio tracks for the participant who first joins the host, appears to actually spawn two audio objects. One has the host’s ID with “-1” the other “-2” and this seems to increment. My guess was that it is related to switching tracks during p2p sessions but I’ve disabled p2p and it still seems to appear.

It’s an issue as I’m trying to operate on one audio track for each participant. But if a third person joins and then leaves, the second participant (who joined the host) will have two audio tracks seemingly.

Where are you seeing this? Each participant will only have a single audio track. Now, we do create some extra in case things like talk while muted are enabled.

Hmm, could that be the reason?

@saghul This is from the audio from the host with one other participant.

And this is after a third person joins. Notice that the audio track whose id is ending with “be” is now -1.

Paging @jallamsetty and @Hristo_Terezov

Hi @jacksongoode, this is expected. When the media connection switches over from p2p to jvb as result of the 3rd user joining the call, the client swaps the p2p tracks with those of jvb tracks.

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Oh I see, thanks for the explanation! What’s the difference between the p2p audio tracks and jvb tracks in this case?

Sorry I missed this part in your OP. If p2p is disabled, swapping shouldn’t occur and the second participant shouldn’t have two remote tracks after the third participant leaves.
@Hristo_Terezov should have a better idea of what is happening here.