Remote video display issue with authenticated room

Hello ,

I’m facing an issue with recent Jitsi-Meet version and authentication use case (tested with last stable and unstable).

We have 2 users connected to a Jitsi-Meet room with authentication mechanism enabled (tested with XMPP internal and also SAML Sibboleth) but not yet authenticated.

One user A open the room as the room host.
The second user B don’t see the user A video but user A see user B video.

The stream from A is received by the browser B ( you could see it in chrome://webrtc-internals) but the remote videolayout is not created.

Does someone already see it before ?

And Video display is it still managed by code ?


Is this the same

You’re right Damencho,
It’s the same issue (I missed with one on the github project).

I quickly test the fix proposed by Arthur Toumassian and it seems to work.