I apologise if this is already addressed somewhere but I searched & didn’t find anything.

I’m building a web app based on lib-jitsi-meet and I followed the example in the /doc/example directory

I hooked up the 2 stats listeners like this:

this.conference.on(, onLocalStats)
this.conference.on(, onRemoteStats)

but the remote stats event never fires.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried conferences with 2 and 3 participants but always the same result. Remote stats update never fires.

Is your websockets channel to the bridge working? Those stats use the datachannel to the bridge.

I didn’t setup the server but I will tell the guy who did. Thank you. I’ll reply as soon as I know more.

I had
openBridgeChannel: false
and I had some ports blocked on my firewall from relaying tests we were running.

Correcting those 2 things fixed it.

Thanks for your help