"REMOTE_STATS_UPDATED" always get 0 value

Hi folks

I working on getting connectionQuality information.

I listen those two event (LOCAL_STATS_UPDATED, REMOTE_STATS_UPDATED) and I successful receive event

but the data I get is ALL 0 (myself, and other users via my app) (screenshot in below)

I tested jitsi-meet App, I can get correct data, the user connected via jitsi-meet

I thinking, do I miss any config ?
here is my config





ANY hint, suggestion would be thankful, thanks in advance.

Are websockets configured correctly in your deployment?

Hi Freddie

thanks your relay, but can you provide more detail, or any reference document, keyword ?

what is “correctly” meaning ?


Try running a meeting with 3 participants in your deployment, the check the connection stats. If websockets are working and configured correctly, you should see all the stats there. If not, some stats will be missing (and resolution will be poor).

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an easy way to check for that (beside using browser console) is to look for the dominant speaker indicator. It’s a thin blue line around the last speaker vignette in tile mode. If it moves when someone speaks (when I do tests by myself, i scratch the mic of one of my 2 tests computers), websockets work.

thanks Freddie, gpatel-fr

I tested 3 participants, still get 0 value, and

  1. my app’s resolution is good (screenshot in below)
  2. my app also have “DOMINANT_SPEAKER_CHANGED” event.

Basically, I think our “websocket” is work. does ANY guessing or testing I can do ?


Test on a desktop.

I just realized that you posted an image with a link to meet.jit.si, do you use your own server actually ?

To Freddie

sorry, I NOT sure I fully understand what you mean ?
my App is ReactNative

the screenshot is using my app to join room, and meet.jit.si show my connection info

To gpatel-fr

NO, all test and above screenshots are testing on meet.jit.si

(Our App will run on our jitsi server, but for this issue, I using meet.jit.si for test)

again, thanks all of you to reply me so fast !!! real thanks

Ah I understand, it’s a dev problem, I just tested and there is no problem in a browser with meet.jit.si, bitrate stats are available a few seconds after meeting is created (3 users). If you use a public instance, you make yourself vulnerable to discrepancies between a possibly older code base and a more recent meet.jit.si - note that the Jitsi-meet devs are made clear that meet.jit.si is not garanteed to match any particular released version, it’s probably between stable and unstable with custom patches but you can never be sure.
If you have never rebased for months, it may be a problem.

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many thanks gpatel-fr !

I will try to rebase (lib-jitsi-meet.min) and test. it may cost some times.

I will let you know the result.

many thanks all of you !!

IMO using meet.jit.si for dev is good if all you need is the URL API, for everything else setting up a test instance using instable is better - after all you need to develop for the future and you are free to update the test server at any time you want, so it’s stable when you need to debug your code.

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@Jacky-Rl Yep, you should be using the iframe API there as per the terms and conditions of that service.

Or you can use your own deployment as pointed from @gpatel-fr.

You may want to try https://jaas.8x8.vc though. We can probably help you achieve the same thing there.

I wonder if this stuff could not be softened a bit for the sake of interop - that is, if someone provides a service with a custom client, give the possibility that the client could be used with meet.jit.si (if it’s open source of course), and the Jitsi client could be used with the provider’s service.
Please ping Emil Ivov if you think the question has any interest but you don’t care to reply yourself.


unfortunately, update lib-jitsi-meet did NOT solve my problem :frowning:

I tested

  1. master branch with tag: 1122
  2. https://meet.jit.si/ 's lib-jitsi-meet ( https://web-cdn.jitsi.net/meetjitsi_4860.1487/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4848.1475 )

I still did NOT get much value

I trace the source code, seems the value I got from webrtc’s bytesSent is very small


now.bytesSent = 3946906
before.bytesSent = 2891103

now.bytesSent = 108808384
before.bytesSent = 107761958

now.bytesSent = 2988446
before.bytesSent = 2962261

then, after divide timeMs, the result almost is 1.

I DONT know how to check/trace how webrtc calculate bytesSent (on ReactNatve) : (

does anything you suspect ? or anything worth to test ?

many thanks

another question about https://meet.jit.si/ 's lib-jitsi-meet
does 4860 ( meetjitsi_4860.1487 ) means release number ? (4860 is half year ago ?)

what does 1487 meaning ?

many thanks

I have never looked in the code at the source of these numbers, what I think is that they are calculated by Javascript code (in jitsi-media-transform library). While I have no hard proof of that, my guess is that these numbers are calculated by this JS code, sent to videobridge probably with Colibri and then redispatched to clients.

that’s the CDN Url. I have no idea of the meaning if any. Normally the true version is given by the suffix (v=), it’s supposed to invalidate cache when updating and reflect the global Jitsi-meet version but not the release of the individual library in this case lib-jitsi-meet. It’s utterly confusing but hey it’s Javascript so it’s supposed to be.

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4860 is the jitsi-meet-web version, the other is branding build number and has nothing to do with the open-source project.
JitsiMeetJS.version you can execute in js console to check ljm version.

Those values every client gets it from webrtc stats and broadcast it through the jvb websocket channel.

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As you say. For my server the jitsi-meet-web version is in the v= parameter and it has always been this way as far as I remember. So not confusing at all really.

finally, I got connection info on my iphone

I NOT 100% which affect this, but I think main change is

  1. upgrade backend
  2. upgrade “lib-jitsi-meet” to 5765
  3. upgrade “react-native-webrtc” from “1.87.2” to “1.87.3” (there is small patch for iOS) <---- successful get connection info

thanks for every one