Remote mute, muting other participants

Good morning everyone,

In the jitsi meet video conference UI the moderator of a room has the ability to mute other participants.
I cannot find anything on this functionality in neither the IFrame API or the lib API. It is apparently only possible to mute itself or the moderator can mute everyone.

So my question is:
Is is possible for the moderator to mute one specific participant thorugh the APIs?

Moderators cannot remotely unmute a participant. They can ask them to do so.

With this API you can turn on moderation: Commands | Jitsi Meet

And with this one you can request a participant to unmute: Commands | Jitsi Meet

What about muting? It is possible to mute others in the UI. But then you have to ask to unmute i agree.

Looks like we don’t have that API as of yet.