Remote Management of enduser devices (e.g. laptops, destops or mobile devices) using Jitsi SDK

I plan to provide Remote monitoring and control of a remote device by enhancing an existing App (based on JavaScript). I need to implement below functionality

  1. Remotely control the keyboard and mouse.
  2. In addition, have audio / video session with the remote user.

Is there any existing app implemented using Jitsi SDK for this purpose?

Anish Nema

Welcome to the forum.

The Electron Desktop app used to offer this capability but not anymore because it introduces a serious vulnerability that could be exploited to attack infrastructure. So, a decision was made not to support remote control (as it’s called) anymore.

Can you specify the reasons why it introduces vulnerability. I see certain other applications like Zoom / CoScreen support it, is it due to the modules used in Jitsi code?

Also, I downloaded the jitsi-meet-electron-sdk and observed that it has “class RemoteControlMain” which provides methods for rendering mouse / keyboard as per the msg passed to it. Is it not used or is it unrelated ?

Anish Nema