Remote control who can get what stream in a room


I new to jisti and webrtc never build any applications which works with voice before.

We building voice based game where people play from 12-14 people the same time, and need to be able to control who can hear what any given time , the game will be available both phones and website. We want to do following.

  1. We will register all game players and there unique stream ids
  2. When user needs to be muted and we will block his stream from distribution in media server
  3. If user need to stop hearing I will stop publishing mix into his steam, and decrease the sound to 0 as well. We can not do only browser side because people can cheat and enable voice back on

Can we use the jitsi for it?
We are currently looking 30 to 35 simultaneous rooms with 12-14 people in each room. What kind of servers do we need and how many to host our use case?