Remote control support for lib-jitsi-meet (low level)

I know remote control is supported in the Jitsi Meet Electron SDK but to my understanding this only works with the iframe API (and currently disabled by default due to security concerns).

I would like to use a custom GUI that includes remote control support.

Is there support for remote control using the lib-jitsi-meet API?

Yep, it is supported.

Is there an SDK or API I can look at for reference on how to implement into my application?

No documents around that. Anyway to implement that you need electron. So you better get GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by enable the remotecontrol and try it out using one electron and one web user, web is the controlling and electron is the controlled part. And start from there, examine how it works.
It is the controller sending messages through signalling to the controlled part to move the mouse and use keyboard, which is dispatched by the electron part.
GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-sdk: Jitsi Meet SDK for Electron

Thank you Damian for the quick replies.

I have used remote control before with Jitsi Meet Electron + web client but it is my understanding that Jitsi Meet Electron utilizes the iFrame API to handle screensharing and remote control, not lib-jitsi-meet.

Is my understanding incorrect? Sorry if this is a dumb question - I’m relatively new to this.

iframeAPI is coming from jitsi-meet, which uses lib-jitsi-meet for all signaling and webrtc stuff. So the electron or web is using lib-jitsi-meet art the end.

Upon digging deeper into the code it looks like the remote control feature in jitsi-meet-electron-sdk is heavily dependent both on the meeting being in an iframe and on several of the iFrame API related modules.

Besides writing a remote control feature from scratch are there any other ways to implement remote control in a custom Jitsi Meet client created with Electron + the lib-jitsi-meet (low level) API?