Reload JVB videobridge/ without restart


is there any way to reload the videobridge/ configfile of the videobridge without restarting it and interrupting running conferences ?

AND/OR is there a possibility to send a videobridge in Maintainance mode that no new conferences get startet on that bridge?


bye eazy


Yep, there is a graceful shutdown script.

The new configuration framework (jvb.conf, is still supported but is being deprecated) has better support for this, and we may look at allowing certain properties to be read in ‘real time’ without forcing a restart, but we haven’t had a big need for it so nothing is planned right now.

Thanks a lot for the answers.

The Gracefully shutdown helps alot, so I can reboot the Videobridges If there are outstanding configchanges.

@bbaldino I’m running alot jitsi-meet instances with shared videobridges, so I have to add and remove JVB Credentials for the Frontends multible times a day with hundrets conferences running. So in the past I did that at night which was slowing down my deployment process. But with the Gracefulshutdown I think it is good enough.



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