releasing alpha1


Hello all,

We're ready to make our very first 1.0-alpha1 release of SIP Communicator. As the version name implies it, this release is still far from the final stable and feature rich 1.0 release but it is the first step towards getting there.

Here's how this is supposed to go.

1. On 16:00 CET, we freeze all CVS activity. Anyone who has uncommitted fixes could commit before, but ONLY if these fixes are trivial, and not complicated.

2. I will then commit a modification of the version service so that it would indicate a non-nightly 1.0-alpha1 version.

3. We wait for CruiseControl to build all the packages (Fedora, Debian, Generic Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)

4. We test whether they all install and start correctly (we won't be making extended feature tests for this release).

5. If everything goes fine, we copy the packages to a dedicated alpha1 download directory on

6. We're done and we celebrate :).

If anyone has any objections, now's the time to speak. If not - the countdown to 16:00 CET begins.