[RELEASE] Mobile SDKs 3.0.0 released!

Hey everyone!

Almost 2 years after the second major SDK release (2.0.0) we are releasing a new major SDK release: 3.0.0.

This new release lays the groundwork for better native event and action APIs so embedding applications can have more control over the meeting. As a result of this the Android API was completely overhauled, even though we have kept the old one around for backwards compatibility. On iOS all new APIs have been added in an analogous manner to the previous ones.

We have started with a few new events (participant joined / left, audio muted state) and actions (hangup, mute) but plan on expanding them throughout the lifetime of the SDK 3 series.

Full release notes are available here: jitsi-meet-release-notes/CHANGELOG-MOBILE-SDKS.md at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-release-notes · GitHub and you can check the documentation in our handbook: Android SDK · Jitsi Meet Handbook and iOS SDK · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Sample apps will be updated soon.

We hope this new chapter for our SDK will help developers have the flexibility the have asked us for. Let us know what you think!

:heart: - The Jitsi mobile team