Release 2.0.5963 - feat: Audio/Video moderation / howto configure new prosody plugins

the new update seems really neat, unified plan and audio/video moderation feats are awesome. however, i am not sure howto enable it? there are new prosody plugins:


but not sure howto configure those in prosody, is there some documentation that i might have missed?

ah, missed the (updated) example:

though any info howto configure the new “moderatedRoomServiceUrl” aka" URL would be usefull, if that is were AV Moderation would take place?

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The Ui for that is still WIP. feat: Initial UI part for A/V moderation. by damencho · Pull Request #9195 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

ah, that is good to know! thanks!

What’s A/V moderation?

I think this is where force-mute of audio (and video control) goes.