Relation lib-jitsi-meet error

HI all

react add lib-jitsi-meet error

Failed to compile

./lib/lib-jitsi-meet/node_modules/js-utils/avatar/index.jsModule parse failed: Unexpected token (15:52)You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.|  * @returns {string} - Avatar URL.|  */| export function getAvatarURL({ avatarID, email, id }: {|         avatarID: string,|         email: string,

The issue there is lib-jitsi-meet uses jitsi-meet’s js-utils library, and js-utils uses flow for typing. So you’ll need some kind of processor, such as the babel flow processors, to use lib-jitsi-meet by itself.

you have react use lib-jitsi-meet demo?

jitsi-meet uses lib-jitsi-meet. When running npm install in jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet’s build process gets fired. When lib-jitsi-meet is built, it gets moved to a dist/ folder and used through a script tag.

jitsi-meet using lib-jitsi-meet:
lib-jitsi-meet build:
lib-jitsi-meet moved:
usage through script tag:

This is how I’m using lib-jitsi-meet: I use beta though cuz I need to get changes quicker but it’s less tested code.