'Rejoin now' bug (mobile application)

Hey, Jitsi community!

I’ve been testing the whole application (built .apk and installed on personal device) and there is only one bug that I could not find any solution, even after looking at the code.

Let’s suppose John is on desktop and is on the ‘duck’ room (jitsi.devegili.com/duck, just an example, but Jitsi is hosted in my server) and Jane connects to ‘duck’ room on her phone (on Android, let’s say), everything is fine but, if Jane loses connection and when it is back, tries to join again the room touching the ‘Rejoin now’ button, she will be reconnected to an empty room, the name of the room is still ‘duck’ and John is still there, but they can’t see each other.

If someone new enters ‘duck’ room, John can see them, but Jane doesn’t.

Does anyone have an idea where the problem might be?

I’ve checked logs and everything seems to be fine…

Thank you in advance, guys.


Are you able to capture adb logcat logs when this happens?