Reinvite Jigasi on failure


I’m trying to test use case of failure in Jitsi stack.
But when I restart the Jigasi container while is present in Conference, I see the error toaster in Jitsi Meet interface.
After container restart, from Jitsi Meet is not possible to reinvite Jigasi. In Jicofo I didn’t not see any relevant logs.

From exploration I made in Jicofo code, I think jicofo/ at master · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub is never set to false on failed.
active is set to false only when we can retrieve a “status” jicofo/ at master · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub but since it’s not connected it seem to be not working.

Ringing a bell of someone ?


  • jigasi/ jicofo stable_7001
  • meet stable/jitsi-meet_7287

What about if you stop and start transcriptions from the UI? It should start working in this case.

Hey @damencho

Sorry I was not clear but behind:

it’s by using the jitsi meet interface.

The first invitation is working (before restart the container)

Oh yeah, what I meant … all participants need to click stop transcription so ignore …
Open an issue in jicofo repo with details and when we have time we will look into it. Any PRs are welcome.

Okay roger.

Yes I trying to react on member left to check if it’s Jigasi.

keep in touch

Created Jicofo reinvite Jigasi on failure · Issue #916 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

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