Reinstallation is not poping up the domain name re-assign, key and ssl


In my first attempt of installation of Jitsi domain name assign, key and ssl was properly done. But when I was trying to uninstall and assign different domain name then now it is not showing the domain name, key and ssl nither it is working.


How did you reinstall, did you purge first:
apt-get --purge remove jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web jitsi-meet-prosody jitsi-meet-web-config jicofo jitsi-videobridge?


Hi Damian,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have followed the same command still jitsi videobridge folders are available in server.

How to remove all folder & files from server and reinstall freshly let me know.

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I have followed this step but still videobridge folders are there and if i reinstall it is picking of the earlier domain URL. It is not pop-up the new domain entering box and ssl box.


This is the command if executed and finished successfully removes everything including debconf settings, which are the one why it doesn’t ask you for domain.

Can you do apt install jitsi-meet and then execute the purge command and if it still doesn’t work then paste the output of the purge command so we can see what is going on.


Thank you very much. Now it is installed in properly in same time it is asking the SIP account. so kindly let me know how to create the SIP account and integrate with Jitsi.


This is jigasi, and normally we use it for interconection with sip, with a service provider. If you want to have that, dial-in and dial-out, then you just need to enter your sip account from your provider, and the password.


If i will not use the sip account and close the jigasi installation still our video conference will work.


Yes. You can do apt-get remove jigasi.


when ever need to reinstall jigasi can be done in future once have the SIP account


OnSIP it is providing one SIP account free and it is compatible for Jitsi. do you recommend for it


If it works, I haven’t used them. Yes you can install it in the future.


I have install and it is opening on URL and create room. Any conference, user management panel , recording and password protection etc… how to do it


There is no such thing as user management panel, you can enable secure domain( where a user will be required to enter user and password and it is up to you to implement your user management …
For recording jibri ( needs to be deployed.


After installing the jitsi it was opening but we are unable to speaka nd hear two perosn in video confernece then I have remove jitsi . Now sjhowing the error jitsi-meet-prosody E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg/returned an error code (1) . due to this error in ubuntu nothing is getting install and uninstall. let me know what step need to follow to unintsall the jitsi-meet-prosody and reinstall jitsi to wort properly and have the video conference facilities proper


Can you share more info? What are the errors you see?