Regarding p2p for 2 participants


In jitsi meet, if there are two participants in a conference call, p2p connection will be used but if there are more than two partcipants, it will be relayed by jvb. Is my understanding correct?


Yes, that is correct if the p2p connection is possible. Sometimes there are restricted nats and p2p needs a relay to establish the connection. If such relay(turn server is not installed and configured) it maybe be imposible to establish p2p in some cases, so the bridge will be used.


I have some question about this topic

  1. how to check connection type (p2p or not)?

  2. is there any config to force participants to use p2p even nat restriction?

  3. if the server use jibri module can I record video in p2p(2 participant) mode?



  1. There are connection indicators for all participants. But on the local one there are more details. If you see just an ip, this is the ip of jvb and the connection is through there. If you si address (p2p) the connection is p2p, if it is address (turn) it is relayed through turn server.

  2. No, p2p is always prefered for 2 participants if possible, if not jvb will be used.

  3. Yes it is possible, but as jibri is a participant in the call, you need to be alone there. In the moment a second participant joins the connection will be switched to the jvb.