Regarding maximum participant (100+) in a video conference

We want to integrate jitsi to Odoo by this apps

  1. Can more than 100 participants join together through these apps? If possible, are there any other specifications?
  2. Can I record a meeting with this app? If possible, will the meeting records of this meeting be reserved in the Odoo database?

We have found in the jitsi community that jitsi prefer maximum 75 participants but even more than 35 the experience will suffer Maximum number of participants on a meeting on server. Is this issue still continuing or Jitsi solved this problem?

Moreover we have a special query that If a participant talks to a meeting for 2 mins and we want to trace his speech for a future meeting. So is there any option to trace speech for a particular participant?

We consider 100 participant with some lastN value (20 for example) to be maximum at the moment. And we are working for increasing this.

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Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by lastN value (20 for example) ? i don’t understand this.

This is the parameter which controls how many participant video will be sent to the clients.

For example if you set this to 2, only the videos of last talking 2 participants will be sent to the other participants.