Regarding JWT in JAAS


I was tring to join Meet with JWT Authentication.
But I can’t able to authenticate the user. it will always show me like Screenshot by Lightshot
can you please help me,

when I have genrated JWT token from Jitsi as a Service – World's easiest way to add meetings to your apps => Screenshot by Lightshot then it will work.

but when I have tried from => Screenshot by Lightshot then it will show me Screenshot by Lightshot.
I have adde public and private key both in jwt debugger.


This payload wich I have tried in jwt

And Screenshot by Lightshot this paylod from Jaas Dashboard.

Thanks In Advance.

You can get more info what is wrong with the token from the console js error? What does it say?

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Hello I got JWT errors like invalid signature

This means the signature is invalid. Did you use the correct private key on to sign the jwt token?


You better use the JaaS support channel to get help.