Regarding different module for Jitsi

Hello Sir,
I am trying to understand the different modules of Jitsi to have a better understanding of the application. I have cloned the video bridge module from github on my local machine and successfully build it and the target folder is generated now. I have also downloaded the jitsi meet app from

for development is running on local host perfectly.
Although the jitsi meet install all these module on its own but I would to explore and learn from that. I want to understand how these modules required for Jitsi are included in Jitsi meet application. Can you please help me where I can get to understand where this module is used? Please help me.
Thanks in advance

The basic Jitsi setup has 4 modules

  • jitsi-meet: the javascript files (client part)
  • videobridge: java application switches between the video and audio sources from clients
  • prosody: the xmpp server at the center of all (not a software developed by jitsi project)
  • jicofo: java application coordinating the process between prosody and videobridge, creating rooms, destroying them…

It may be possible (theoretically) to use the videobridge without jicofo and prosody, but it would hardly be a task for a beginner.

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