Reducing latency

Hey Team,

my partner is a musician in a flute quartet. Since lockdown, they have been using JamKazam to do online rehearsals. JamKazam optimizes for low latency which is necessary for playing music together. This is in contrast to most video chat programs that are solving a different problem. Most video chat programs optimize for complete delivery of video/audio content, even if that means speeding up playback.

I would like to offer them an alternative using my Jitsi instance. What settings in Jitsi should I change in order to reduce latency? I’m not concerned about delivering late arriving or lost packets. For context, there is a notable difference on JamKazam between a wired & wifi network.

Going forward, I’m also interested in using low latency video chat myself. I work for a tech company and everyone on my team has decent internet connections. We no longer need to make allowances for poor internet connections. Super low latency video chat, well below the 150ms “natural” limit, would make remote communication more genuine.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated. Stay safe and thanks Team!

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