Reduce adaptivity of Videobridge

Dear Community,

Probably my first attempt to find a solution for this problem was just in the wrong sub-forum, so i’ll try it again here :smile:

My problem is as far as i saw the opposite to most other quality related threads, but if i just didn’t find the solution in this forum i apalogize :slight_smile:

I experienced this behaviour before, but thought it could be a “server” related issue (it was an ex-Desktop-PC with an i5, 8 GB of RAM and a 100 Mbit up&down Line, but it worked … kind of :grin: ), so i rented a virtual server from Strato (Ubuntu 18.04, 8 vCores, 32 GB of RAM, 500 Mbit up&down) but it still did what it did before.
My problem is, that Jitsi automatically reduces the video quality during a conference even though there’s no reason for it. The 5 test-participants are connected via a 100 Mbit down and 40 Mbit up DSL-Line (LAN of course) and only one participant is sendung a video stream. After a few minutes the quality at the receiver side is reduced from “High Definition” to “Standard Definition”.
The -config.js file is configured to prefer 720p and define it as max. resolution.

Actually i might have found a reason what jitsi makes think it has to reduce the resolution: I assume jitsi detects a package loss (however it does this with udp?) and tries to resolve that by reducing the amount of packages. This is just an idea, but also could be the wrong track.

However, i’d like to know how to fix jitsi to a specific quality and/or decrease the sensibility of this package loss detection, e.g. adaptivity of videobridge.

If i forgot to provide any information or you need additional, please ask :smile:

Thanks in advance!