Redirection issue with TOKEN_AUTH_URL

As explained in this post Jitsi authentication with Django, I have an issue with my redirection when I want to authenticate.

I’m using Docker and I’ve set up the JWT authentication, which works perfectly. Now I’d like to use my Django form to authenticate users and create the JWT. In order to do that, I found that I must set the tokenAuthUrl in config.js and the TOKEN_AUTH_URL in the .env file to the URL I want my user to be redirected.

But that redirection doesn’t work for me, when I connect to a room, I still have the default jitsi connexion form.
This issue is known Guest mode + JWT Auth not working · Issue #9057 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub, but it was supposed to be solved.

I didn’t find any documentation about the tokenAuthUrl, so maybe someone can help me.


Which version of jitsi-meet do you use?

I use this release

I just saw that the stable-5870 is available, do you think it could solve my issue ?

Yes, that was fixed in the latest stable release.

Thanks for your help !
I have a last question, is there a way to make the redirection for the mobile app users ? Because for now, if they want to authenticate with JWT, they have to put it in the room creation form