Redirect issue with fronting AWS Network Load Balancer

We are trying to configure jitis-meet to have an AWS network load balancer in front of it where all of the request are going to come from. The load balancer is setup internet facing where it handles SSL so 443 to 80 and UDP 10000 to UDP 10000 and the ONE jitis meet instance is set up in a internal private network - basically the network load balancer is just forwarding TLS on 443 to 80 and UDP 10000 to UDP 10000. Currently internally jitsi is working from the private IP, but when we try to connect from the network load balancer we get the error of too many redirects. The network load balancer uses DNS although it can be configured to use an Elastic IP - we would prefer to keep DNS. What configuration changes do we need to make to resolve the redirect issue? We are using Ubuntu 16.04.

I need to know what changes if any we should make to the nginx configuration file to allow external access to jitsi using the network load balancer.