Red screen pops up for roughly every 60 - 70 seconds


I had installed a jitsi meet server with its own turn server (One way media only (NAT issues) after upgrade).

It’s working fine with browsers (jitsi meet desktop) either in the public WAN or in the private LAN. The message from turn server shows the p2p/turn-relay is working.

However, the jitsi meet app (original from Android App Store) usually shows red screen (something went wrong …) 60 - 70 seconds after join the chatroom. The detail is, the app joins the chatroom, and the peer video/audio shows up. After roughly 60 - 70 seconds, the red screen (something went wrong …) pops up, and the count down start ticking. At end of count-down, the app will re-connect automatically. It will join the chatroom again. But, the the same red screen will show up again after roughly 60 - 70 seconds. It repeats.

I have checked the logs of prosody, jicofo and jvb. There is no SEVERE messages.
Any hints or advices are appreciated, Thanks !

Maybe get the logcat logs from the android console.