Red 'Leave Room' Button Result

Hi there,

New here. Brilliant project. Thank you. If I can get this beast working, I imagine Zoom won’t be needed anymore (that is until break-out rooms are a thing here at Jitsi).

I have a small quandary:

I use the BuddyMeet plugin for Wordpress, and Jitsi works like a charm through this, but when I hit the red ‘Leave Room’ button to end a meeting, I get redirected to a life-size ad for 8x8 Video Meetings Pro, which (despite 8x8’s support for the Jitsi project) confuses me for loyalties.

Is this supposed to be the result I experience by ending my meeting?

Is there a way to get rid of this by creating a different re-direct?

Is this what I need to live with?

Or is this related to the BuddyMeet plugin?

Thanks in advance for any insights you may have. This place seems to be chalk-full of really smart people!

Kind Regards,
Wannabe Jitsi User

we seem to be stuck with it. have you tried clicking on the link on the advertisement page?