Recovery of the video call


We just had a very important video conference, which was ran by

The downloaded recordings are set out to be saved in Dropbox. We did press the recording button for this very call, but it turned out that Dropbox has a certain capacity which was not enough for this quite long video call to be saved in.

This video call is very important for us for many reasons.
Is there any possible way to get access to this video now? (If we need to make any payments for this to happen, we are willing to do that as well.)

The call lasted from 17:30 to 20 (in Tehran time).

This is the address of the video call:

And it was connected to Dropbox via this address:


Clear some space in that dropbox account and if you are lucky it will appear. There is some recovery logic that retries this upload (not sure how it works and how many retries and when) before giving up and deleting it. Nothing is permanently stored.


Thank you very much for your answer.

It hasn’t worked yet, but we will keep on checking.

We work in a news station, and this video call is very important to us and more importantly to the people of our country. We trust your application as it is one of the best. Is there anything else that could be done for recovering this video? (Even if it includes paying money we are ready to do that).

Thank you


Dear Damian,

For how long can we continue having hope for the video to pop out? (It’s been 4 days since we did the recording.)

We have been in touch with the Dropbox community too. They told us that their servers might not have received the video call at all. We were wondering if YOUR servers have received anything to that matter, and if it could be recovered through that.

The recording was on during the whole time of the conference, and when we stopped it, everything was still fine, and we didn’t get any error messages all along the process.

Thank you