Recover recording after Jibri Crash when running out of RAM


This is a bit of a weird question but I know Jibri requires a lot of CPU and RAM and sometimes it runs out of RAM to use and crashes. If this happens, is there a way to recover the recording? As far as I can tell the video file is there, its just not use-able, it even seems to be consuming space.

So there might be someway to recover the recording I am assuming. If anyone else has come across this and solved it please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Yes, it’s possible. When this occur, the file wont be properly finalized. I’ve successfully recovered some recordings with untrunc utility. You will need two files, a working file for reference and the broken file. I recommend that you use a previous recording as the good one.

The utility use is quite simple, just run:

untrunc working-recording.mp4 broken-recording.mp4

It will generate a new playable file in the working directory called broken-recording_fixed.mp4.

I hope it helps.


That is great @danhcs
I will try this out. Thanks a lot for your response.