Hi. I am using jitsi meet to rehearse a theatrical play. it is working great. One question: When I record the rehearsal, even as we click on the main character (it is a monolog), so other mics won’t interfere , and only the actor is on display, when I play the music track, only in the recording, the image shifts to my can I solve that problem?

Use follow me so everyone one including recorder will see what you see while clicking and changing who is on stage.

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Thanks, I will try that!


I have been using jitsi-meet, and its an amazing application to ever worked with.

Embedded the jitsi in my current UI, I want to record the video, but unable to do so using API execute command.
Used the following command :

api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {
mode: file


Please guide for the same.
Awaiting for your response.

Thanks in advance,

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hey @satishvithanala, were you able to resolve the issue with startRecording??