I can’t seem to add a tag to this post. Why can’t we add tags of significance? No one seems to be addressng the recording issue. Dropbox? Of all of the not so great ideas why Dropbox?

Can someone point to an alternative way to store recorded sessions? To only have one option such as Dropbox is unproductive. Many people don’t want to use Dropbox but rather have a better more secure solution.

So I refuse to believe Dropbox is the only medium to record Jitsi Meetings with. There has to be a way to direct recordings to another location.

The most obvious solution is Google Drive but I didn’t see any data supporting this.

For now I’ve been using a 3rd party application that records screen and sound. There has to be a way to integrate into Jitsi. Even the Chrome screen recorder is a great option.

Any ideas?

If you host your own Jitsi server, you can configure other options besides Dropbox. On the free (public) instance of Jitsi at though, Dropbox is the only available option for recording.