Recording without video and audio

Hello everyone,

I just installed Jitsi docker instance on a Linux machine (red Hat 8).
When i create a room, audio and video works perfectly but when start recording, video and audio stops working and calls time out after some seconds due tu “No media Received”.

(SSL is configured in Load balancer)

Thanks in advance.

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This is interesting. I’ve personally never come across this issue before. Are you able to host a meeting with 2 participants with video and audio successfully? And then 3 participants?

I am able to host a meeting with 2 participants, but when i add one more particpant, audio and video stops working ( Desktop, laptop and phone).


Check advanced section. Your clients cannot communicate with the bridge due to network config.
Jibri forces always use of jvb, so that’s why you see the problem with recording and 2 participants.