Recording with jibri

I would like to implement registration.

Is it better to have 2 servers or just one server?

If i have only one jibri server, can all users start registration?
Is it possible to start N recordings for X users and X rooms with only one jibri server?

Thank you!

You need one Jibri server at a time for each recording.

Only one jibri server for one recording.

If i wanted 10 simultaneous recordings of different users or rooms, I should have 10 jibri servers! Correct?

You need 10 Jibri instances and it’s needed one server or one container for each Jibri instance

A server with 10 instances! Is there a guide?

Do you recommend a separate server?

Thank you!

There are many posts related with this subject in the forum. Search for jibri + Docker

There is also my installer which supports the multi-instances natively.

It depends on your use case. I think the seperate server will be better in an auto-scaling scenario

Ok, i create a separate server for jibri! Is there a jibri installation guide?

In the guide there is the separate JVB which i don’t have. In my jms server i have jicofo and jvb. If i need it, can i add it later?

I should follow the guide only the jibri and add more instances in the server!

I don’t use docker!

Thank you!

Installing Jibri

Yes, you can add it later if the JVB load increases.

If you have already a running JMS, use the official guide to add a Jibri server

Yes, i have jms up and running!

The two guides are the same!

I also found video tutorials:
It looks very similar to the guides you gave me.

i do some tests before moving the jibri to production.

Thank you!