Recording with filmstrip zoom

Is there any setting to solve the problem of filmstrip being disproportionately sized in the file recorded by Jibri?


I’m using the “Follow Me” setting.


Are you using iFrame?


What is the resolution in your jibri.conf and xorg-video-dummy.conf?

The resolution in jibri.conf and xorg-video-dummy.conf is 426x240.

If you increase it, the filmstrip size will be smaller

But I have a need for the video to be stored at that resolution to save disk space. I would just like the filmstrip to be shortened, is that possible?

  • you may hide the filmstrip completely for recorder (it will not work if you enable follow-me)

  • you may resize the resolution to a higher value (such as 1280x720) and decrease the resolution using a fake ffmpeg or reprocessing the video after recording (needed more CPU power for this case)

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Thanks @emrah!

I’m going to test it here and I’ll be back soon to give you some feedback.